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Gatot D. Sulistiyanto b. 1980

Born in Magelang-Central Java, May 10, 1980. After graduated from High School (Electronic Communications Engineering, Vocational School) in 1998, moved to Yogyakarta and in year 2000 study at Music Dept. Institut Seni Indonesia, Yogyakarta (Indonesia Institute of Arts) majoring classical guitar and musicology.

In 2001, he started to actively involved to several art activities; music composition, happening art & performing art, and also theater. Had joined “Music Teatrica Nova”, a group for multimedia arts, with Vincent McDermott, Hadi Susanto, Royke B. Koapaha (composers) and Agung Gunawan (choreographer).

Attended several workshop on composition, by Electronic Music Workshop by Prof. Wilfried Jentzsch (Hochschule für Musik “Carl Maria von Weber” Dresden Studio fur Elektronische Musik-Austria), Music Intercultural by Prof. Vincent McDermott (USA), Jack Body (New Zealand), short course on composition by Roderik de Man (Holland) in the mini composition project conducted by Cantus Music Center & The Cultural Development Program, Dutch Government.

Works including Handologe No.1 for high voice and clarinet in B-flat (2005), Handologe for piano solo (2006). Nyanyian Angsa for computer (2004), KEPIKMUSIK & several etude for electro-acoustic (2006-2007). In October 2007, Trio for flute, oboe and clarinet B-flat (2007), was performed in the “Yogyakarta Contemporary Music Festival 2007”. The Music for five players and CD was chosen to performed at the opening ceremony visual arts exhibition “Biennale Jogja 2007”, which was performed by the group “Tepellere”. In 2011, He got two  commissions from Eduard van Beinum Foundation to write music for The Dutch Ensamble and Komunitas Salihara to write for Bienal Literature 2011.  


detail CV

Gatot Danar Sulistiyanto

Date and Place of Birth Magelang-Indonesia (May, 10 1980)


(1995-1998) - Graduated from Electronic Department, Vocational (high) School of Technology, Magelang-Central Java.

(2000-2002) attended in music education program ISI Yogyakarta

(2002-2008) - Graduated from Institut Seni Indonesia Yogyakarta (Indonesia Institute of The Arts), majoring musicology, and classical guitar.

Music Workshops & Short Courses

Composition & Improvisation by Carlos Michan-Holland | Electronic Music Course by Prof. Wilfried Jentzsch, Viena | World Music Course by Kim Sanders-Australia | Intercultural Music Course by Prof. Vincent McDermott-USA | Free Improvisation Workshop by Geizer Mazzolla - Switzerland | Course and Workshop By Jack Body, New Zealand | Short Course on composition by Roderik de Man, The Netherland conducted by Cantus Music Center & Culture Development Program, Dutch Goverment.

June-July 2008 invited to Nelson Composers Workshop, Nelson School of Music, New Zealand, organized by CANZ. Supported by Ford Foundation-IIEF, Asia-New Zealand Fund.

June 2009 attended to Manila Composers Lab, Organized by CONEMUS (composers of new Music) the University of Philippines, Diliman-Quezon City.

Experience field of Arts:

Musica Teatrica Nova, with Vincent McDermott, Hadi Susanto, Royke B. Koapaha and Agung Gunawan

Young Composers Project, a project and forum founded by young composers of Yogyakarta for archive, publication of artworks.

“Long Table” music for dance collaboration project in Indonesia Art's Festival 2009 worked with 3 young choreographers and 3 wellknown Indonesian dancer/ choreographer as artistic director in this project; Martinus Miroto, Eko Supriyanto, Hartati.

Organizational Career

Chief of Student organisation, 2002-2004 in Music Department, Faculty of Performing Arts, ISI Yogyakarta. | Founder of Jurasik Today-music Journal, ISI Yogyakarta | Project Manager of Yogyakarta Contemporary Music Festival 2004-2008 | Director of Art Music Today (music network, publishing, music information center of Yogyakarta-Indonesia)


June 2008, Ford Foundation-IIEF & Asia-New Zealand Foundation.

June 2009, Prince Claus Foundation

September 2012, Kelola Foundation 


Commision Work 


Kitab Batu for swarawati and 7 instruments, requested bu The Dutch Chamber Music Company, commisioned by Eduard van Beinum foundation

Katalompen I & II for swarawati, piano, cello, klarinet Bb and percussion. Commisioned by Komunitas Salihara for  Bienal Sastra Salihara 2011



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