Pidato Munyuk-munyuk [2012] solo piano

Kwawung [2009]

for human voice patterns and public interaction (auction performance)

Premiered by Ika S. Wahyunginsih, soprano at The Circle composition concert 27 February 2009, UPH Conservatory of Music | second performance by Ika S. Wahyuningsih at 6,5 composers' colective days 23 Maret 2010, Auditorium Musik ISI Yogyakarta

Soliter for Solo Clarinet in Bb [ 2006-2007]

performed by Nino Ario Wijaya, PVC Chamber Music concert, Yogyakarta -Jakarta – Bandung, 3 – 20 April 2009

International performance

Performed by Renand in Culmination concert at Alberado Hall the University of Philippines 11 June 2009

Handologe for piano solo [2005]

Presented at Dutch Chamber Music Ensemble composers workshop program played by Ellen Corver at Indonesia Institute of arts, Yogyakarta 18 March 2008

International Performance

Performed on Ross Carey's International Piano Journey recital 6 March2009, Balai Pasiban Agung-School of Arts USM, Malaysia | 17 march 2009 mini concert program at Indonesia Institute of Arts Yogyakarta | 19 March 2009 Dyatmika school, Sanur – Bali

Indonesia performance

performed at the Piano Recital by Nadya Janitra 2 Septermber 2010 at Auditorium Musik ISI Yogyakarta

Mulés (abdominal pain) [2009] a sketch for oboe solo

composed for Manila Composers Lab 2009, performed at Alberado Hall the University of Philippines 11 June 2009.

Ular-ular for solo voice (re-anachment), dedicated to Slamet Abdul Sjukur 79's birthday

premiered at Yogyakarta Contemporary Music Festival 2014 




“ Ping. Pong. Pang.” Listening Puddle Project, at Ockla lounge and art space, Yogyakarta 18 June 2008

I was fascinated by the sounds produced by small creatures in the paddy fields or Ladang Tebu, especially insects. Kepik (bug, Javanese) is also one kind of insects which can be found in the beginning of hot and dry season. The sounds produced when it’s hopping from one leaf to another is so unique. But never try to touch or let it hop to your body or clothes. The odor it released is also “unique” and will be remained for 2 days.

Jalkun (2006)

Theater performance “KURSI-KURSI” directed by Fery Ludfianto Theater hall ISI Yogyakarta February 2007

This composition used to illustrate one of several fragments of contemporary theater performance exploring movements, space, incident and sound.

Beruang Madu…? (Honey Bear ) (2006)

“ Ping. Pong. Pang.” Listening Puddle Project, at Ockla lounge and art space, Yogyakarta 18 June 2008

This is an etude for electro-acoustic within 4 speakers. Working on sound materials taken from words said by little girl (Sherina) who was amazed by seeing the bear.

Paper Jam (sub Specie Aeternitatis) (2007)

Based on a poem of Sutan Takdir Alisjahbana (STA), performed in the launching of “Jurasic Today” Journal. The music collaborated with reading by Sancti Tukan. November 2007, Lobby Auditorium Music ISI Yogyakarta.

Music for 5 Players (pre-recorded & 5 instruments)

Premiered at NEO-NATION - Biennale Jogja opening ceremony, Performed by Tepellere Music Community, concert hall Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, 28 December 2007.


project collaboration

Peta Buta [2010]

Performers: Warsana ‘Kliwir’ – voice, percussion | Sandyo – voice, percussion | Ika Sri Wahyuningsih – voice | Gatot D. Sulistiyanto - live electronics | software developed in Max/MSP by Tristan Coleman

Menggelanggang project is an artist residency, contemporary composition, music technology, performance and education project taking place during July/August 2010 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The project is a collaboration between Melbourne-based composer and sound artist Tristan Coleman and Art MusicToday, Yogyakarta’s leading new music and composition collective.

more information about this project: 

Pseudopartisipatif inisiated by Cemeti Art Foundation (2013-2014)

Ruang Suara 8 indonesian composer's work with Ensemble Modern-Frankfurt (2015)

chamber music

Nawangsari for oboe, piano, percussion and string orchestra [2011]

requested by Bagaskoro Byar Sumirat.  

Kucing for voice and piano (improvisation) [2011]

text taken from Sajak Kucing by Sutardji Calzoum Bachri, premiered by Ika Sri Wahyuningsih, voice Lestika Madina Hasibuan, piano  

Two Pieces for high voice and clarinet [2006] 

Helly Anjingku 2.30 min | SASI 3.00 min

performed by PVC chamber music concert tour UPH Conservatory of music 13 April 2009 Ika S. Wahyuningsih, soprano/ high voice Nino Ario Wijaya, clarinet

TRIO for flute, oboe and clarinet in Bb [2007]

performed by Ronaldo alfons, flute | Neddy Benedictus, oboe | Nino Ario Wijaya, clarinet | Premiered at Yogyakarta Contemporary Music Festival 2007 - Lembaga Indonesia Perancis Yogyakarta, 13 September 2007

International performance

Nelson Composers Workshop 2008 | Ingrid Clifford, flute | Joy Liu, oboe | Anna McGregor, clarinet | 30 July 2008-Nelson School of music concert room, New Zealand

D a V - Defeat and Victory

for soprano, saxophone in Eb, percussion, and CD/ TAPE | text by Sutan Takdir Alisjahbana (STA)

Premiered at Temu Musik Dua Bulanan JALUR SEPI 28 April 2008 Pendopo Tejokusuman Yogyakarta. Performed by Ika Sri Wahyuningsih, soprano | Andika Candra, saxophone in Eb | Tony Maryana, percussion

Pigment [2010]

for flute, violin and violoncello

Pintu Langit [2010]

for female voice and rinding (bamboo jaws harp), sangban (double side drum-skin)

Comisioned by 6,5 Composers' collective | premiered at opening ceremoni 6,5 composers collective festival 2010

MAGAMA [2010] Ansambel Gamelan 5 players + action

Kagok Ketanon [2010]  for clarinet, violin, cello, piano and percussion

Manisan [2011] for swarawati/ sopran, piano & percussion

text by Erie Setiawan | premiered at Phi concert Teater Salihara, Jakarta 22 January 2011 | performers; Ika Sri Wahyuningsih-swarawati/ sopran | Lestika Madina-piano | Tobias Ringga-percussion


music for dance/ choreography

Pammasena Bissu'e (first movement) [2008] 5.08"

tape and choreography | choreography by Rara Ar. Sultan

 Long Table [2009] 45.00"

for flute, oboe, clarinet, violin, viola, cello and percussion | performed at Graha Bhakti Budaya TIM Jakarta 8 October 2009 | Collaborated with Indonesian young choreographer

The Chair [2010] 15.12"

for clarinet+bassclarinet, cello, two percussionists and 5 dancers | performed at Auditorium Tari ISI Yogyakarta, 6 Mei 2010

choreographer; Mila Rosinta

Narsis [2010] 21.54"

electroacoustic | performed at Auditorium Tari ISI Yogyakarta,15-16 Januari 2011

Choreographer; Realiska Hayati

commission work  


Katalompen I & II for swarawati, piano, cello, klarinet Bb and percussion. Commisioned by Komunitas Salihara for  Bienal Sastra Utan Kayu - Salihara 2011 

Kitab Batu for swarawati and 7 instruments, requested by The Dutch Chamber Music Company, commisioned by Eduard van Beinum foundation 


Ilalang for cello and piano, dedicated for Doris Hochscheid & Frans van Ruth. commisioned by Eduard van Beinum foundation (2015).



Up Comming works 

Works for Woodwind ansamble requested by Joost Flach

Piano & gong's for Slamet Sjukur 

Cello solo request by Asep Hidayat


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